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pokemon codes

2012-05-22 21:14:12 by monstrifik

Walk through Walls: 7881A409 E2026E0C 8E883EFF 92E9660D
Rare Candy: BFF956FA 2F9EC50D

epic micky!

2011-06-29 18:43:01 by monstrifik

i just uploaded my first art work!!!


2011-06-28 02:22:29 by monstrifik

thinking bout uploading a art i made a while back...

can someone help me out?

2010-10-14 23:01:52 by monstrifik

me and my gf are haven problems. should i break up with her again just a few days ago wen i broke up with her but she was threating to kill her self not being with me and i took her back but we still are-gu and its getting out of control!last night we wer talking on the phone n she said i heart you n i txted it to her back while we wer talking and she said i cant see the screen wat did u send me n i didnt say anything (cuz i wanted her to feel how i felt cuz wen i tell her i love her she just txt back me too n i say say it n she says say wat? n then she swiches the conversation to talk about something eles) n she said wow u cant say it back.then she txt me back yeah sure wat ever.n i said y? n she said cuz i say so. i felt bad so i asked her if i could tell her something n she said yes n i told her i heart you but she just ignored it then i asked her again if i can tell her some thing n she said yes n i told her i love u n she didnt say anything not even a word n i got really sad and started to crying five secs later after i told her i love you n i hanged up n turned of my phone for a few mins n turned it back on.then she txt me y u hanged up? but i didnt reply to her.nxt txt: let me just tell u something.nxt txt:ur gonna make me cry.let me just tell u 3 words n ill let u go. next txt:thanx for makin me kry again bie.last txt she sent that night: i love u too bie.the nxt day she txt me saying if she can talk to me and i said yes n she said u mad or upset from last night? n i told he her upset.she said im sorry:(. then i told her bout the i heart you thing n yeah.then she said well i did that cuz i was mad... sorry mi amor(my love)n i told her its ok:/ n she said u sure n i said yes (but it wasnt).then we wer talking and she asked me wat i was doing n i told her nothing n she said she was at the ymca n that she was gonna play soccer but shes haven cheat pain. then i told her ok well u must be busy.ill leave u alone bye. then she said i was txtn u cuz i wanted to talk to u well bie. that happened like 8 hours ago.If u read this please tell me wat u think and if i should stay with her or break up with her.